The Authentic Lover - Workshops for Men

The Authentic Lover Intensive

Owning our Shadow, Owning our Desire

What gets in the way of you getting the love, intimacy, and full range of sexual expression you want in your life? If you're like most men, a lot of the answer is in the mirror. We've all been shut down in our ability to feel and express the full range of masculine passion and love. We've forgotten how to carry the unique strength of the masculine presence in our families and relationships. In this workshop, you'll find out how to get out of your own way and become the loving, powerful man you came here to be.

Quotes from a recent intensive

What did you get from this workshop that you're taking back into your life?

"Clarity on what I want in my life as a man"
"Knowing I am not different than other men"
"Greater understanding of masculine and feminine energy"

Later feedback:

"[The Authentic Lover Intensive] really stuck with me, it was very powerful.
There's been a real shift in all my relationships."


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