The Authentic Lover - Workshops for Men

The Authentic Lover: Passion, Power, and Vulnerability for Men

Facilitated by Apollo Grace

September 16, 2017 - 10am - 5pm
The Flowjo, Carrboro, NC

What is an Authentic Lover?

Are you ready to explore sexuality and intimacy from the masculine perspective?

How can we create the right conditions for deeper, juicier relationships in all areas of our lives?

How has our experience as men in this culture left us disconnected from our own passion, and how can we bring all of our passion back online?

This is an adventure in self-discovery – finding out how authentically and intimately we can show up with ourselves, our friends, our families, and our partners.

Investment – $90 (pre-registration is appreciated)

Apollo Grace is a certified spiritual sexual educator and an ordained shamanic priest. He leads workshops and offers individual guidance for men and women in intimacy, relationships, sexuality and spirituality. More at

Inclusivity: The Authentic Lover workshops are designed for men working together with other men. We welcome men of all ethnicities, religious perspectives, and sexual orientations. Transgender men are definitely welcome. If you're a self-identified woman looking to explore your masculine side, I would recommend other work. If you're gender-fluid/non-binary, please write to me at apollograce and we'll see what fits.


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